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 In Lyon, make-up lessons during brunch

Publié le 24 May 2016

  In the era of Do-It-Yourself and YouTube tutorials, one professional make-up artist has chosen to diversify her activity to include make-up training.

 In Lyon, make-up lessons during brunch

Professional make-up artist Cécile has come up with her own concept store in Lyon. More than simply selling organic beauty products, she offers her customers real support in the same way as a personal coach would.

Customers can sign up to ‘brunch make-up workshops’. The concept is simple: take advantage of advice and explanations from a professional during a relaxing meeting with friends around a drink and some food. M&OZ offers a series of themed workshops, including some specifically aimed at adolescents.

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These events take place on Sundays, once a month on average, in a café that is hired out for the occasion. The make-up brunch lasts approximately three hours and costs between 35 and 40 euros, depending on the theme. It can be on the following subjects: getting rid of bags under the eyes, keeping your complexion fresh…

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These brunches have proved very successful given that it’s necessary to book in advance via the Facebook page or directly in-store.

Not only does the concept cater to a growing demand from consumers to learn to carry out these daily tasks themselves, as is proved by the development of the tutorial format on internet platforms such as YouTube, but it also allows the designer to diversify her business and increase profits, while showing off her expertise and know-how in her main activity of selling cosmetic products.


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5 rue Antoine de Saint Exupéry
69002 Lyon

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