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In Johannesburg (South Africa), a cafe is serving takeaway espresso in an ice cream cone

Publié le 11 April 2017

The Grind Coffee Company has found an original, tasty way of attracting attention: by serving espresso to go, not in a standard cup, but in a chocolate-coated ice-cream cone.  

In Johannesburg (South Africa), a cafe is serving takeaway espresso in an ice cream cone

Dayne Levinrad, the owner of the cafe, came up with this unusual idea to try to stand out from the competition in Johannesburg. After the trend of latte art, those pretty patterns created in the cream on coffee, how could you reinvent this famous drink?


After months of experimenting and testing, the expert was able to develop a recipe which sees the coffee served … in an ice cream cone!

The drink is in fact a mix of coffee, ice cream and chocolate; the cone is covered in four layers of chocolate, each with a different dose of cocoa. These specificities allow the cone to keep its shape and melt more slowly: it is however recommended to drink your brew in the three minutes following its preparation.

That gives just enough time to take a photo of the coffee and share it on social media: the Grind Coffee Company can count on more than one million photos posted on Instagram with the hashtag #coffeeinacone.

The business has pulled off its gamble of offering a tasty, original drink, which has also allowed it to gain significant publicity.

The initiative also has an ecological benefit, by reducing the plastic and cardboard waste from disposal cups produced by the establishment.



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