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In Dallas, (USA), a bakery sends its customers postcards

Publié le 2 May 2017

Receiving a postcard is a sign of attention which is appreciated, notably when it comes from a local business, as has been shown by the example of Betty’s Bakery.

In Dallas, (USA), a bakery sends its customers postcards

Betty’s Bakery is a local bakery and patisserie, located in Dallas. Conscious of maintaining a friendly relationship with its customers, it has put in place a simple marketing initiative: every year in September it sends a colourful postcard to wish customers a happy return from the summer holidays. To make it even more personal, the baker signs the card herself. The card reminds customers of the location of the bakery (address, telephone number and website…).

For a small business, sending a personal message like this is the best way to create a friendly, exclusive relationship with the person who receives it. As its use is not that widespread, postcards have a far bigger impact than emails or publicity letters.

Contrary to publicity letters, where too often the person who receives it doesn’t even open the envelope to find out what is inside, even if they sort their post by the bin, they can’t ignore a postcard or its message!

Postcards seem to have everything going for them as they don’t cost much and are as easy to produce as they are to use: there are plenty of opportunities to send them. It’s up to every business to adapt to the time of year and get sending!




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