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In Hong Kong, a leather shop is also a wine bar

Publié le 3 October 2017

Château Zoobeetle is a shop that specialises in leather goods but also has a French restaurant in its building.

In Hong Kong, a leather shop is also a wine bar

In an environment that is dominated by huge shopping centres and luxury stores, this business has chosen to play on its conviviality and the value of its expertise in ‘the art of living à la française’.

The establishment was created by Elsa Lepeu and Johanna El Iman, two French women who have been in Hong Kong for a number of years.

It primarily offers goods, wallets, bags and jewellery made from quality leather.

However, to stand out, the store also has… a wine bar! A cosy space where customers can enjoy French specialities, both wine and gastronomy. On the menu are wines, carefully selected by a professional sommelier, sandwiches and platters of cured meats or cheese which are named after districts in Paris (Tuileries, Pigalle…).

Customers can take advantage of this opportunity in a dedicated area on the ground floor of the shop, which is furnished with a counter and high stools.

The shop also makes their ‘Gazette’ available, a paper magazine which covers the latest news and the boutique’s new creations.

This double activity of high-end store and wine bar has attracted Hong Kong and Chinese customers who are fans of French culture. The store is also visited by French expats who are homesick for their country!


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