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In San Francisco (USA), a forward-looking doctor’s surgery takes inspiration from the Apple Store

Publié le 17 October 2017

The new digital medical centre ‘Forward’ in San Francisco has adopted a futuristic layout.  

In San Francisco (USA), a forward-looking doctor’s surgery takes inspiration from the Apple Store

 The brainchild of a former Google employee, Forward is an ultra-modern doctor’s surgery inspired by the Apple Stores.

The reception area is a bright room with a slate floor, elegant designer chairs and blonde wood.

Upon arrival, the patient jots down the reason for their visit on an iPad embedded in the wooden counter.

They are then invited to undergo a full body scan which allows data such as temperature, heart rate, blood levels of oxygen, etc. to be recorded.

This procedure is in addition to the doctor’s examination and allows them to make a pre-diagnosis.


The rest of the surgery is designed in the same futuristic style: samples disappear into the walls and there are touch screens in the waiting rooms.

Inside the consulting room, there is even an artificial intelligence system which takes notes instead of the doctors, and a panoramic touch screen on which the patient’s information is displayed.

Finally, the surgery has a retail area, where the visitor can pick up a number of hi-tech gadgets like watches, bracelets and blood pressure monitors.

Patients can also collect all their results and medical information using a smartphone app.

The objective of the surgery is to remove all the inconveniences that traditionally come with a trip to the doctor by using technology and to encourage patients to have more frequent check-ups by a health professional.


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180 Sutter St

San Francisco, CA 94104


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