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In Venice (Italy), a perfume outlet is showing off the city’s history in its shop

Publié le 14 November 2017

A few streets away from St Mark’s Basilica, in the heart of the Venetian lagoon, there is a perfume store with a surprising décor.

In Venice (Italy), a perfume outlet is showing off the city’s history in its shop

Showing off the rich culture

More than just a tribute to a Shakespeare play, the perfume shop ‘The Merchant of Venice’ is a homage to Venice itself, to its history, its crafts, its traditions and its different districts. It’s a particularly clever approach in a city where the clientele is made up almost exclusively of tourists. The store shows how it is part of the rich history and culture of Venice. In this way, it has become almost a must-see for any visitor keen to understand the city better.

Located in what was a pharmacy in a former era, decorated with statues of saints, the decor of ‘The Merchant of Venice’ reminds one of the origins of Italian skill in cosmetics. The design of the small bottles is reminiscent of vials as if to evoke the era when remedies and perfumes were still linked.

A design inspired by the history of the city

To appeal to tourists, the store glorifies the city of Venice by recalling the iconic places in the city in the names of perfumes and their design. The collection ‘La Fénice’ is a tribute to the city’s famous theatre. The ‘Rosa Moceniga’ has the same name as the famous Venetian family, the Mocenigos, who provided several doges to Venice. Finally, the Murano collection is a reminder of Venice’s proximity to the Murano islands and the tradition of coloured glass. The bottles in this collection are inspired by Murano glass.

A unique and memorable customer experience

Historical references do not mean the enterprise is old-fashioned; the store has gone digital. At the heart of its digital displays, the company recounts its history and traditions in a video which plays on a loop. What’s more, it teaches customers about perfumes through an interactive olfactory journey. Worthy of a museum, the ‘Smell me’ path engages customers and reveals the properties of perfumes and their origins. On a large map on the wall there are ribbons with perfumes which the customers can take down and smell.

So to enter this store is, in some ways, a journey through the history and special locations of Venice – exactly what tourists come for.

Practical information

Le marchand de Venise
San Marco 1895, Campo San Fantin
30124 Venice (Italy)



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