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In Kola House in New York, cola is elevated by Pepsi

Publié le 21 November 2017

The American drinks brand has ventured into the world of gastronomy in a project that goes well beyond the sale of its famous sugary drink.

In Kola House in New York, cola is elevated by Pepsi

In September 2016, Pepsi opened its first restaurant in the popular neighbourhood of Chelsea in New York. Both a bar and a lounge, this establishment was designed to be a lively place which pays tribute to cola in a way which goes beyond the simple commercial need to show off the product.

A premium setting for original recipes

The original design for the Kola House project was fine-tuned down to the smallest detail, to give the brand a high-quality image.

The architecture and the furniture in the venue combine traditional materials like wood and leather in contemporary tones of white, black, red and blue.

The menu, which was developed by famous chef Jon Feshan, offers delicacies created with fresh, healthy ingredients from sustainable agriculture. The menu gives top billing to the kola nut, the star ingredient which contributes to the identity of the place.


The cocktails are produced by Alex Ott, a leading figure in the world of cocktail creation. This former chemist concocts daring drinks which never fail to surprise the palate.

In this way, Pepsi shows its capacity to create new tastes and to win over even the most demanding customers. By taking a step back from large-scale consumption, it has taken on the role of craft menu creation and demonstrates its potential with unique, premium products.

A customer experience which goes beyond product marketing

Kola House avoids traditional customer communication methods. Rather than looking to show off products by any means possible, the decision was taken to avoid all reference to Pepsi bottles.

At the bar, on the menu or within the decor, there is not a single element that could be seen to publicize the Pepsi brand.

The presentation of the elaborate preparations is designed to be aesthetically neutral and never to highlight the popular drinks of the group.

Pepsi gets closer to consumers by offering them a unique visual and taste experience. Its aim is to appear purely altruistic and only motivated by sharing good times.

The dissemination of a Pepsi culture

With Kola House, it’s not simply a culinary adventure that we are invited to experience but a time of pleasure and fun within a dynamic community.

The restaurant also functions as a pop-art exhibition area and a venue for music, dance or cinema.

Artists are invited to perform on stage and audience members have an arena to enjoy the show and move around as they wish.

In Kola House, Pepsi goes beyond the usual marketing approaches which normally focus on multiplying sales opportunities.

Instead of showing off its world-famous bottles in different shapes and contexts, the brand has decided to distinguish itself by coming up with an innovative concept. Its trendy bar-restaurant highlights the art of elevating the kola nut beyond its popular use for drinks seen mainly in the supermarket aisle.

Practical information
Kola House
408 W 15th St, New York
NY 10011, USA



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