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In Mumbai (India), taxis are transformed into works of art

Publié le 28 November 2017

Taxi Fabric puts taxi drivers in contact with local artists who can give their car a makeover to attract the eye of passers-by. 

In Mumbai (India), taxis are transformed into works of art

Competition is fierce among the thousands of taxis in Mumbai… to stand out and instantly grab the attention of their clientele, some taxis call on Taxi Fabric.

It’s a unique service which arranges collaborations between taxi drivers and local artists.

The artists use their talent to customise the interior of the taxis; the seats, the bonnet, the steering wheel, the rear-view mirrors… everything is redecorated!

The taxis feature thousands of colours, graphic patterns or even Indian monuments or local culinary specialities… Others show the faces of Bollywood stars or Indian political activists.

Anything goes when it comes to standing out and catching the eye of potential customers.

Each ‘Taxi Fabric’ design displays a label mentioning the name of the designer and the story of its creation. The label also indicates how to get in touch with the artist for a possible collaboration. The initiative, therefore, makes art and design accessible to all.

“We hope to have an impact on art and culture in India and beyond. We also hope to increase awareness and appetite for design and the causes we champion, one taxi at a time,” explained Sanket Avlani, founder of the Taxi Fabric project.


Practical information

Taxi Fabric

Soulpatch 14,

Cama Industrial Estate,

Sun Mill Compound,

Lower Parel (West),

Mumbai – 400013






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