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The MAÏF Social Club, a collaborative, connected space

Publié le 20 February 2018

MAÏF, an insurance company in the education and charity sector, has launched the MAÏF Social Club in a new venue of 1000m2 in the Marais in Paris.

The MAÏF Social Club, a collaborative, connected space

This cultural and experiential venue is designed to welcome a large number of visitors to share their knowledge, focusing in particular on digital data and the collaborative spirit, two pillars of the identity of MAÏF.

“We wanted to show what MAÏF is in all its dimensions, even though the general public knows us only from the angle of an insurance company (…). We wanted to have an unusual place which is not focused solely on the commercial relationship,” said Nicolas Boudinet, the Assistant Director-General and General Secretary of the company.


A venue with a rich past 


The MAÏF Social Club is located behind the grand entrance of 37 rue de Turenne, at the end of a paved courtyard of the former Hotel de Joyeuse, which was initially a hotel, then a guesthouse at the start of the 19th century, then becoming a warehouse for a sponge business.

The renovated area is vast and light, illuminated by a large glass wall, and is furnished in a very sparse manner, to preserve the trace of its industrial past.

The venue has been developed over two levels, with open spaces one above the other. 


An area for meetings and exchange, where the focus is on digital communication


At the heart of the concept, the ‘Forum’ is a practical, friendly, interactive space where visitors can talk to advisors, as they would in a standard agency: to gather information, advice on MAÏF services and those of its partners.

It is also digital, with free access to Wi-Fi, as well as screens and tablets. For example, people can access the platform ‘my repair people’ which puts individuals in contact with professionals in the domestic repair business.

It is also possible to watch important moments in the MAÏF Social Club programme there, such as the capture of events and conferences, or even to try a simulation for a personal project by using some dedicated software.


A strong cultural dimension


With a programme that changes every three months, the exhibition and world discovery space is characterised by a drive for education and inspiration.

Through a variety of media, from the digital arts to photography, painting and video, exhibitions aim to offer something to interest every different audience.

This space offers workshops for children as well as visits for teachers.


L’Atelier, opened in the Forum and the exhibition area, is designed as a large salon with libraries, round tables and sofas for a friendly feel.

There, one can find more than 300 works freely available: books, reviews, brochures, linked to the theme of innovation or the current exhibition.

A laboratory for citizens’ reflection


Located on the first floor, with large windows opening onto the courtyard, the ‘Lab Inno’ is a room designed to host conferences and workshops. It has a capacity of 90 seats and is equipped with a range of multimedia options making it perfectly adaptable to any particular needs.

There, experts, artists, scientists and writers speak on a number of subjects relevant to the society, in a spirit of participation and knowledge sharing.

With this interactive and friendly digital innovation laboratory, MAÏF has the perfect tool to follow the evolution of society and to stay in touch with its customers.


Practical Information

MAÏF Social Club

37 rue de Turenne

75003 Paris


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