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In Milan (Italy), a chocolatier opens up its manufacturing process

Publié le 27 February 2018

In one of the trendiest parts of Milan, next to the Navigli district and the San Lorenzo column, the shop Cioccolatitaliani is reinventing itself as an authentic chocolate factory. 

In Milan (Italy), a chocolatier opens up its manufacturing process

Italian gelato is unquestionably part of la dolce vita. While Cioccolatitaliani is renowned among the Milanese for its top-quality products and tasty ice creams and chocolate, it is unique in having the ingenious idea of revealing the processes behind the creation of its ice creams to customers.

In a workshop behind the bar, the cocoa grains are ground to produce the raw materials for chocolate ice cream. It’s the first live Beans-to-Bar in Europe: the entire process of transformation of grains into chocolate bars happens on site and in real time, in front of customers. In a modern world where it has become trendy to trace the origin of the products we consume, customers at Cioccolatitaliani have the luxury of knowing everything about what they are eating. This contributes to the quality of the product, to which customers give the highest praise.

What is more, it educates consumers on the different types of chocolate. They can learn by reading the information that is on display while at the same time enjoying the product.

In this new concept of the chocolatier, the use of expert knowledge has become an effective marketing method!


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