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In Paris, the Senoble company has opened its first tea-patisserie salon: an ode to the sophistication of the capital

Publié le 20 March 2018

The Senoble House, known for its dairy desserts that have been widely available since 1990, has opened a chic, gourmet tea salon in the heart of Paris.  

In Paris, the Senoble company has opened its first tea-patisserie salon: an ode to the sophistication of the capital

This brand, which was originally a dairy created in 1921 in Jouy in Burgundy, has had a complete transformation by opening a sophisticated tea salon, under the brand name ‘Senoble-Famille Gourmande’. The salon is located in Paris’ first arrondissement, a stone’s throw from the Jardin du Palais-Royal, Opéra and the Louvre.

On the ground floor of this beautiful 19th century stone building, in an area of Paris where its most elegant arcades and shops are located, the store combines the effervescence of Parisian life with a taste for the finer things in life.


With its entry into the patisserie world, the company offers its customers a new, artisanal and gourmet image while remaining faithful to its roots of carefully selected fresh dairy products, cream and butter.

Senoble’s aim is to recreate a direct link with its customers. It’s a kind of return to its roots: in 1921, Sophie Senoble started the business by selling the cheese she produced in the markets in the Yonne region.



The objective is also to reposition the company’s status from distributor to high-end patisserie. Through this concept and its location, which is a true ode to Parisian life, Senoble is positioning itself as a competitor to famous names such as Angélina or the Ladurée salons.



The desserts on offer are creamy creations or mousses, both traditional and reinvented, like the floating island with a whipped cream base, one of the signature desserts of the establishment, which is available in a choice of three flavours (vanilla caramel, raspberry or chocolate).


The menu highlights iconic patisseries from the brand, but also offers typical French cakes: macaroons, choux cream buns, Saint Honoré, Paris-Brest…





Conceived with a light, designer environment, the Senoble tea salon is spread over two floors, the first a sales area where delicatessen products and patisseries are presented as precious objects in the windows. The display furniture is an immaculate white colour to remind people of the dairy products that are at the heart of the House.


On the first floor there is a chic, sophisticated salon-bistro, with a large bay window, contemporary designer chairs, square tables in black marble and sleek beige benches. The design is completed by a floor of light oak floorboards.


The décor plays an important role in this area and the use of colours is significant, playing on the visual codes of the brand. The dominant theme is the use of bright blue and a sombre, sleek white as the dominant colours in the shop.




Outside and inside, customers are drawn by the vivacity of the Yves Klein blue on the walls. Plates, dishes, packages, as well as the labels on the bottles of Senoble champagne, the colour is everywhere.



The Senoble experience is a treat for foodies, where the visual pleasure is as valued and important as that of taste, with sophisticated products which indicate true culinary invention.


Practical Information:

Senoble – Famille Gourmande

Pâtisserie-Glacier-Salon de Thé-Restaurant

11 rue des petits Champs

75001 Paris






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