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In Stuttgart, the Porsche Museum: a temple to the motor car

Publié le 3 April 2018

The Porsche Architectural Design Museum opens its doors in Stuttgart, on the celebrated car brand’s first industrial site and historic headquarters.

In Stuttgart, the Porsche Museum: a temple to the motor car

The Porsche Museum at twilight, supported by three V-shaped columns


An ideal supplement to the Porsche Experience Centre at Le Mans, the Museum reflects the company’s philosophy through its bold architecture.


An architecture with all the hallmarks of boldness and modernity


The figures speak for themselves: four years of construction has resulted in a total area of 25,800m² and a grand showroom of 5,600m², all in concrete, steel and glass. This colossal project carried out by the architect Delugan Meissl demand the ultimate in design. The museum, in the form of a huge monolithic polygon, seems to float in the air, supported only by three V-shaped columns.


With this bold architecture, the museum conveys the values of the brand.

Its welcoming feel is perfectly illustrated by the vehicles suspended in the air at the museum entrance. It also projects dynamism thanks to its polygonal shape which offers a different and mobile vision of the museum according to the angle of observation. The image of Porsche resolutely turned towards the future animates this Museum.

Three cars suspended 23 m high in the air welcome you to the entrance of the museum

By combining several genres, the architect has managed to create a complex that attracts attention without ever lacking coherence or losing its focus on the image of Porsche.


The history of Porsche through its main challenges


The exhibitions in this museum certainly show an original angle. They aim to trace “The Porsche Idea” (the founding principle) in its quest for ever more efficient cars. That’s why besides the historical part, exhibitions are classified by qualities: the attributes of lightness, speed, power, or intensity, consistency and intelligence.

Accordingly, the idea of lightness will be further exemplified by the 356 America Roadster, the lightest car ever built by Porsche, as well as an explanation of the importance of power-to-weight ratio in the automotive sector.

The 256 America Roadster, the lightest car ever designed by Porsche

Always exhibited in chronological order, we discover in the museum all the models which were designed to respond to particular technological challenges: the most prominent models showing the brand’s ‘intelligence’ or those showing the most perfectly adapted aerodynamics at high speed. This is where the Porsche 956, suspended from the ceiling, is displayed, proving that a speed of 321.4 km/h is enough to take off from the ground …

The Porsche 956, suspended from the ceiling, having literally taken off at 321km/h

Finally, many trophies won by Porsche or different engines are exhibited, always supported by an explanatory text for a better understanding of the excellence of the brand.

A selection of the iconic trophies won by Porsche

One of the engines exhibited to illustrate the power behind the cars


A Museum that is both interactive and very rich in content

More than 80 vehicles are permanently on display in this museum, without counting removable accessories, trophies or explanatory models. Immediately on crossing the spectacular entrance ramp, visitors are exposed to a vast collection that provides a taste of the different pieces of the museum.

The impressive access ramp leading to the museum entrance hall

In addition to the exhibitions, the visitor can also opt for a historic tour of Porsche pre-1948, tracing its foundation, history and its iconic models of the era.

The museum also traces the history of Ferdinand Porsche

The first Porsche car ever designed

At the end of the tour, a 12-meter ‘Porsche interactive TouchWall’ awaits visitors interested in wandering through the Porsche archives with more than 3,000 photographs, drawings, technical data and other records. Created in 2016, this interactive wall, touchable and updated daily allows you to navigate and zoom in on 3D images with amazing precision. It takes no less than 5 graphics-dedicated computers to achieve the operation.

The interactive wall, 12 m long and containing more than 3,000 archive files


This museum manages to put technology at the service of the past and to blend the historical and the contemporary. That’s an appropriate way to salute the Porsche brand and its rich history.


Practical Information:

Musée Porsche
Porscheplatz 1
70435 Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen



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