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In Seoul (South Korea) the Dior Café by Pierre Hermé

Publié le 17 April 2018

Two famous fashion houses with exclusive know-how have combined to offer a luxury experience ‘à la française’ in Seoul.    

In Seoul (South Korea) the Dior Café by Pierre Hermé

Located on the roof of the ‘House of Dior’, the Café Dior by Pierre Hermé opened its doors in June 2015. It is designed to be a sophisticated venue for foodies, thanks to the patisserie of cult chef Pierre Hermé, who is already well-known in Seoul for his macaroon boutiques.


French luxury

The flagship of the French fashion house in Asia, the Dior building shows off the brand’s rich and sophisticated universe.

The elegant, avant-garde building is six storeys tall. It features the cannage pattern that Monsieur Dior so loved, and the façade is ribbed with resin and fibre glass sails which give an impression of ethereal lightness.

A bridge between fashion and gastronomy


Created by the French architect Christian de Portzamparc, its audacious concept and the small construction details hint at sweeping folds of taffeta, celebrating Dior’s brand of haute-couture: “I wanted the building to represent Dior, for it to resonate with Dior’s work. That led me to search for soft surfaces which look supple, woven like white cotton canvases which a tailor works on. These surfaces, which rise towards the sky, are flowing as though they are in constant movement, featuring some horizontal lines, and are created by long shells of moulded fibreglass, assembled with the precision of an aeroplane,” explains the architect. 1

The appeal for Dior and Pierre Hermé in opening the Dior Café is twofold: firstly it adds prestige to work together to create a luxury experience ‘à la française’ and secondly, to create a synergy by combining the two world-famous houses with handcrafted traditions and exclusive know-how.


On the creation of the Dior Café, Pierre Hermé explains: “In the craft of patisserie, as in haute-couture, the choice of raw materials, the attention to detail and the transfer of knowledge from one individual to another, is what makes our industries so special.” 2



[1] http://www.christiandeportzamparc.com/fr/projects/flagship-dior-seoul/

2 Pierre Hermé, exclusive interview for the site DIORTV : http://www.dior.com/diortv/es_es/videos/la-maison-dior/caf%C3%A9-dior-by-pierre-herm%C3%A9-dessert-d%C3%A9licieux


Just as garments from Dior are synonymous with sensuality thanks to the materials and the way they are made by hand, the patisseries from Pierre Hermé are a festival of the senses.

New culinary creations

Offering an evolved menu which focuses on seasonal flavours, one can enjoy signature desserts like Ispahan, reinvented in an ice cream version, the famous macaroons as well as tea, hot chocolate and cocktails.


But the menu also, and above all, offers new creations conceived by the chef like the dessert called ‘Initiation to taste, texture and temperature’, which is enjoyed with a chuao, a Venezuelan chocolate.


What’s more, the elegant space of the tea salon and the sleek balcony by the designer Peter Marino features a stitched backdrop for tactile pleasures.

The decoration focuses on soft grey and pastel colours for a soft, muted atmosphere.


The House of Dior is located in the heart of Cheongdam-Dong in the very chic quarter of Gangnam-gu, frequented by the rich clientele of Seoul for culture and shopping trips.





Practical Information:

Café Dior

64 Apgujeong-ro,

Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu





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