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A Parisian orthodontist shows off his patients smiles in the waiting room

Publié le 10 June 2014

Going to the orthodontist is never fun. To calm his clients and prove his know-how, Doctor Marinetti, working in the 15th arrondissement in Paris, has covered one wall of his waiting room with photos of former patients smiling and showing off their teeth. Word of mouth but with the proof in pictures: that’s how the waiting room of this Parisian orthodontist’s has been decorated. On the walls are clichés of clients smiling, with a little thank you note, acting as genuine testimony of successful treatment. A Patient arriving for the first time is sure to be convinced of the quality of service: he has in front of him a gallery of perfect teeth which the practitioner is able to imitate!

A Parisian orthodontist shows off his patients smiles in the waiting room

Another major advantage: photos of smiling, relaxed customers (that we have intentionally blurred), have a strong calming effect on patients, when this type of dental care is often expensive, painful and long. The photos, displayed as before and after, enable them to visualise the results post-op and to concentrate on this goal, putting into perspective the dread of dental care and the investment of time and money that it requires.

For Doctor Marinetti, photography is an integral part of his work: he regularly takes shots and uses the images to follow progress and talk with his client.

The photos serve two purposes: to show off the experience and the know-how of the practitioner… and to bear witness to the complete satisfaction of the clients, who have already used his services. According to his assistant, clients often compliment Doctor Marinetti on his photo wall, explaining that it humanises the waiting room – which is often a cold, clinical place. If the customers do not recognise the calming virtues of all those stunning smiles on the wall, the assistant is not fooled: “The first time, they are very tense upon arrival… and they relax as soon as they step into the waiting room.”

It just shows that there is nothing better than client satisfaction to win over new ones…

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