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In Amsterdam (the Netherlands), a sweet shop for adults

Publié le 13 February 2018

Candy Freaks stands out from the crowd thanks to its confectionery selections designed to appeal to grown-ups rather than children: sweets that are sugar-free, alcoholic or made into underwear!  

In Amsterdam (the Netherlands), a sweet shop for adults

The Candy Freaks sweet shop is located right in the middle of Amsterdam city centre. Focusing mainly on self-service retail confectionery, it stocks a varied selection of sweets… aimed at adults.

How? Firstly, because the selection includes gluten-free, sugar-free and organic options for those wanting to eat a healthy diet, look after their teeth or stay in shape! And secondly, because it includes lactose-free and gelatine-free options (suitable for vegetarians and vegans), halal and kosher sweets and much more besides.

Another distinctive feature of the shop is its liqueur chocolates. Made using the shop’s own artisan chocolate, they come in a range of flavours based on famous brands of spirits and liqueurs such as Baileys and Jack Daniel’s.

Lastly, the shop embraces its naughty side by stocking men’s and women’s underwear fashioned out of confectionery thread. This is no surprise, seeing as how this tempting shop is only five minutes away from the famous red light district …

In the audacious window display you’ll find “candy heads” (mannequin heads complete with candy headgear) and other quirky confectionery creations.



The shop’s single focus is to stock off-beat, unique items made especially for adults! Candy Freaks is fast becoming an unmissable highlight of the Amsterdam tourist trail.


Practical information:

Candy Dreaks

Nieuwe Hoogstraat 4A

1011 HE Amsterdam



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