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In Berlin: a shop targets young designers

Publié le 6 November 2014

At Promobo, you'll find things from watches, socks for chair legs to vegetable peelers in the shape of pencils. What do they all have in common? They were created by young German designers who have hired a sales area, created by companies.

In Berlin: a shop targets young designers

In January 2006, Berlin became the first UNESCO City of Design in Europe. The German capital has an economic sector consisting of 6,700 active businesses with an annual turnover of 1.5 million Euros (Source: CCIP).

Promobo brings together the work of 200 young German designers. The store manages to optimise space in the sales area by lining the walls with box type shelves. Each designer then has their own area to display their designs. Vases, wallets, clothes and other bits and bobs can be found in this unique place. Production is limited, sometimes to just one original piece. Each item is displayed in the same multi-coloured box, rented by their creator.

image004The blog shows off the latest products and the website provides a filter system to track down objects that can be ordered online.

On Berlin’s own website, the store is recommended for its originality and large range of products. Trendy sites such as Max offer a city guide which features Promobo. With its accessible, fun design, the brand has been able to help struggling, young designers get in touch with consumers desperate for novelty and innovation. The Facebook page has 5 100 fans, which goes to show just how popular this concept is in Berlin.


Practical information:
Fourman & Co. GmbH
Hackesche Höfe Berlin – Hof 3 & 5
Rosenthalerstr. 40/41
10178 Berlin

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