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In Brussels, a second-hand clothes store sells clothes by weight

Publié le 27 January 2015

A Brussels' businessman has created a second-hand clothes store which sells items at €15/kg. Customers' can choose whatever they want in the shop, and the weight will determine what price they'll pay.

In Brussels, a second-hand clothes store sells clothes by weight

Brussels is becoming the vintage capital of Europe. Flea markets, restaurants, furniture, clothes: the number of establishments selling retro items has increased significantly (Source: Bruxelles City Trip). But sometimes vintage items can reach exorbitant prices.

To remedy the problem, Melting Pot Kilo has come up with an innovative concept: paying for clothes by their weight. Fabian, the shop manager, has set a price of €15 per kilo of clothes. Dresses, belts, jeans, jackets, all items cost the same amount. The manager discovered this principle in Berlin and launched it after refurbishing the previous business, the Melting Pot Cafe. In order to create a vintage atmosphere, “we painted the facade to give it an aged effect”. Wooden pallets are used as tables and clothes are packed up. The clothes are second-hand, vintage, coming from regular suppliers which the manager keeps secret. Each week the shop receives new stock, which earns them customer loyalty.  Located in a busy street, the shop attracts all sorts of customers, from curious passers-by to vintage enthusiasts. Word of mouth is spreading and the brand is growing.


The shop has more than 1,400 fans on Facebook. On Yelp the Melting Pot Kilo has earned a score of 4 out of 5, Tele Bruxelles broadcast a report on its YouTube channel. Fashion trend websites like Elle and Auféminin recommend the brand during shopping days in Brussels.

Practical information: Melting Pot Kilo, 178 Rue Haute, Brussels. Open from Tuesday to Friday from 10 until 16, and Saturdays and Sundays from 10 until 18.

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