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In Casablanca (Morocco), a restaurant is promoting the benefits of chicken

Publié le 18 April 2017

In Casablanca, the fast-food restaurant ‘Al Tazaj bbq chicken’ has found a fun, visual way of showcasing the benefits of its main ingredient, chicken.

In Casablanca (Morocco), a restaurant is promoting the benefits of chicken

This brand wanted to do away with the clichés: fast food doesn’t necessarily mean ‘junk food’!

To stand out from the competition, and in particular big fast-food chains specialising in chicken, this establishment has focused on education and diet.

Using visual infographics on the tables and walls, it explains the nutritional values of chicken and its benefits to the health of customers.

An entire wall of the establishment is used to explain the cycle of production of the meat and how the different parts of the chicken are used.

On the tables, the many merits of poultry are laid out. Despite the general public being unaware of them, there are many: chicken is rich in amino acids and phosphorous, it is easy to digest and acts as a natural anti-depressant…

It’s a way of reassuring customers and entertaining them during their meal!

This communications strategy is naturally continued online and on social media: the brand boasts about the quality of its ingredients and the benefits for consumers.

As a result Al Tazaj bbq chicken combines transparency about the source, use and quality of its ingredients, and education on balanced diets in a format that is graphic and visual, designed to appeal to all ages.

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