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Chez Bogato, a Parisian patisserie which plays by childhood rules

Publié le 10 June 2014

Chez Bogato is a patisserie in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, which has gambled everything on the fun experience that its clients enjoy when buying cakes. The shop’s creator, Anaïs Olmer comes from a completely different world... and it’s her experience as a graphic designer in the world of advertising that gave her the idea of creating cakes which are as tasty as they are pretty, with a visual identity founded on childhood fun. The store plays by children’s rules. “When it comes to the store, I wanted something for children which is like a cabin, pretend cooking in the woods, a child’s tea party...” explains the cake designer to Lolita Lempicka, who named her ‘Enchantress of the Week’ in June 2011.

Chez Bogato, a Parisian patisserie which plays by childhood rules

The Parisian patisserie’s name sounds like a child’s stammer, written, of course, with spelling mistakes worthy of a youngster. Upon entering into this brightly coloured atmosphere, clients can choose between a football shortbread or boot, or opt for a flower-shaped macaroon, with the price written on a biscuit rather than a tag. To continue the in-store experience, clients can sit in the tea room corner to enjoy their patisserie with a warm drink or an organic fruit juice. Others will prefer to order big cakes which also feature childish designs.

Chez Bogato, a Parisian patisserie which plays by childhood rules

One blogger spoke of her amazement: “When you enter this former dry-cleaner’s which has been renovated on Rue Liancourt, you literally go back to your childhood. Here everything is cute, naive. The softness and calm which fill the rooms remind us of those Wednesday afternoons spent making cakes and simply enjoying our childhood. Delicious shortbread, taking the form of ghosts, owls, cars, but also fancier biscuits, various treats and pastries! The list is long, everything is tempting!”

Chez Bogato, a Parisian patisserie which plays by childhood rulesUnlike top end patisseries which often focus on the aesthetic side of their cakes, to the point where they make edible works of art, Anaïs prefers the zany, relaxed simplicity of a child’s world, as she explains to Clara Magazine: “In high-level patisserie, the style is always pompous, it’s like jewellery. For me, what makes me laugh, is putting a rabbit on a carrot cake or designing a cake that looks like a cheeseburger.”

To continue in this imaginary world, the designer also organises cooking workshops for children and adults, as well as hen parties. And clients who want to play at tea parties can go away with some colourful utensils that are on sale in the shop…

Chez Bogato, a Parisian patisserie which plays by childhood rules

The shop’s clientele is mainly feminine, and it’s for all these young foodie girls who love Parisian life that Anaïs decided, in May 2011, to create a range of cake perfumes, copying the designs of legendary vials, in partnership with the magazine Grazia. The cake’s ingredients correspond with the leading notes of these perfumes.

Chez Bogato, a Parisian patisserie which plays by childhood rulesWhy this obsession with childhood rules? Well firstly because the types of products sold lend themselves to it: the cakes remind people of their teas as youngsters, a sweet offered during a family outing. But also because Anaïs Olmer thinks that Parisians need a fun, euphoric, foodie break… Exactly what they need to rediscover the child in them after a long day in the adult world.

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