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Dusseldorf airport enters the robot age

Publié le 29 January 2015

Dusseldorf airport has developed a robot valet service with the help of Serva Transport System RAY. Capable of calculating the size of the car to find a space that fits, the robot lifts the vehicle a few centimetres off the floor and parks it.

Dusseldorf airport enters the robot age

There are currently 162,000 robots in Germany and a rate of 125 robots for every 10,000 workers (Source: Les Echos). Their usage is increasing all the time and is expected to reach 20% of workers by 2025.


In Dusseldorf, one company in particular is ahead of the game in this domain. Since June 2014, the airport has employed Ray, a robot valet, developed with Serva Transport Systems. Ray is a lifting trolley capable of lifting cars that weigh up to 3.31 tonnes and move them to one of the 249 parking spaces. After leaving their vehicle in the intended area, drivers simply have to confirm on the tactile screen that the car can be parked. With the network, the robot knows exactly where there are empty spaces and helps guests avoid a long search for a space. The service currently costs €29 a day. As well as saving travellers time, the system also helps the airport save nearly 50% of space which was previously unused with the classic system. With 15 million annual travellers, Germany’s third biggest airport is already part of the robot age.

Online magazine USA Today published an article on the subject, which has been shared more than 3,000 times on Facebook. A video, made by the airport and broadcast on YouTube, shows how Ray works. Dusseldorf airport’s website allows people to download the application on AppStore and Google Play.

Practical information: Valet Ray, Düsseldorf airport, www.dus.com

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