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In Edmonton (Canada), a gym offers a childminding service

Publié le 16 May 2017

The gym Spa Lady offers a childminding service included in its membership package.  

In Edmonton (Canada), a gym offers a childminding service

How can you relax and unwind when you have to look after your children? Who do you leave them with? How do you find time for sport and exercise? This Canadian business, which targets an exclusively female clientele, has come up with a particularly effective answer with ‘Spa Kidz’, a nursery option in the gym itself.

The ‘Spa Kidz’ opens half an hour before the mums’ sessions, at 8.30am. What does it offer? “The most fun activities for your children without a drop of sweat!”

A team of professionals looks after the children during the sessions. Spa Lady has developed a varied activity programme, fun for the little ones and comforting for the mums: games, reading, watching cartoons and even some creative workshops.

As a result, the mums are relieved of the responsibility for the time it takes for them to forget about childcare responsibilities and take some time for themselves: a fundamental need.

This concept allows the gym to reach mums who don’t want or cannot afford to leave their kids with a babysitter but still want to get back into sport. In practical terms, this innovative service which is included in the membership fee offers a huge added value.

By offering this comfort, Spa Lady shows itself to be a company that listens to its customers and their needs in order to increase its profits.

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