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Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi: performance accessible to all

Publié le 6 April 2017

The prestigious Italian car brand has opened a theme park in Abu Dhabi, an immersive and powerful experience that allows the general public to get to know the brand.

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi: performance accessible to all

In 2010, Ferrari opened its first indoor theme park, the largest in the world, in Abu Dhabi. This giant site, covering the equivalent of seven football pitches, offers 20 attractions adapted to all ages.

A living museum for the brand

The first thing you notice when you reach the park is its huge red roof covered with the biggest-ever Ferrari logo. The black stallion on the logo has therefore been magnified as the values of performance and speed are showcased in this spectacular venue. The elegant, sleek shape of the roof reinforces this idea of raw power.

Once customers pass through reception and the ticket office, they cross a corridor which finishes with a huge glass funnel in the centre of the park. This glistening source of light is used to light up the numerous Ferrari models on show, and forms the heart of the venue as a sanctuary dedicated to the brand.

With the collection of cars, there is a complete history of the brand on show: each car corresponds to a date and major event, a way for the visitors to discover the history of this iconic luxury Italian car brand.

Live shows add to the traditional museum-like first impressions. So ‘Viva Ferrari’, a show combining singing, dancing, 3D animations and optical illusions, offers a multidimensional dive into the history of the brand. It’s a way of showing that despite its history, the brand maintains a modern artistic look.

An immersion into the experience of the brand

The park is more than just a museum, however, it’s an immersive experience in one of the most important aspects of Ferrari culture: powerful sensations.

The main attractions of the park are the roller-coasters of Ferrari World, which can be seen with their giant steel structures from the entrance. They offer visitors the sense of speed that goes with being at the wheel of the famous brand.

The ‘Flying Aces’ roller-coaster opened in 2016, and carries visitors over a long, impressive circuit, including the largest loop in the world. The carriages, in the form of a plane cockpit, are a homage to pilot Francesco Baracca, whose coat of arms was taken up by Enzo Ferrari to create the brand’s logo.

The ‘Formula Rossa’ roller-coaster, on the other hand, accelerates passengers, installed in carriages like F1 cars, to 240km/h in fewer than five seconds. This attraction, the fastest in the world, allows visitors to experience the speed of Ferrari, which has made the brand so famous in the world of car racing.

The attractions chosen by the brand in the theme park give customers the chance to experience the exceptional speed and break every record, in the image of Ferrari.

A popularisation of the brand’s values

Under the dome in the park, not far from the glass funnel and the Ferrari gallery, there are two karting circuits for kids: the ‘Junior GT’ and the ‘Driving School for Kids’. These two circuits allow children to get their first taste of driving miniature Ferraris. This teaching aspect is an example of the brand’s desire to popularise its values and make them accessible to people from the earliest age.

This educational dimension is also a way for the brand to create a form of meritocratic elitism. If the brand has created a school, it’s because its codes need to be passed on, and future Ferrari customers have to be educated in the sensations felt in these cars and how they are driven.

To extend the experience the park gives youngsters the chance to go into a 4D simulator, in which they can follow a Ferrari cartoon over a turbulent circuit.

A few metres from the entrance to the children’s simulator, adults can also slip into a driver’s shoes with the ‘Yas Marina Circuit’ which throws them into an F1 circuit, at the wheel of one of a variety of iconic models. The message is clear: the brand is accessible to all, provided you have done the necessary preparation.

Throughout its park, Ferrari shows that it is more than a car manufacturer reserved to the elite, and that it can appeal to the wider public despite the limits of a production of only a few thousand vehicles per year. The popularisation is achieved without affecting the luxury image of the brand: the experience of power and speed on offer at the Ferrari Park is as unique and exceptional as driving its cars.

The high number of visitors and the prize for the best attraction in the Middle East, conferred at the World Travel Awards 2015, are proof of the success of the initiative.


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