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The Freitag Tower, a brand monument

Publié le 10 October 2017

In Zurich, FREITAG has created an atypical building in the industrial architecture style which is completely in line with its cultural DNA. 

The Freitag Tower, a brand monument

The brand, which specialises in accessories made from recycled materials, has chosen for its flagship a giant tower of containers located in an ex-industrial wasteland in the west of Zurich, in Switzerland.

A journey to the origins of the brand

This district, recently converted into a trendy area, is rich in contrasts and retains its raw charm. Today the focus is on art, design, gastronomy, culture and shopping.

The choice of site is significant and no accident: it’s the district of Zurich-West which gave the creators of the brand Freitag the idea of making bags from recycled materials. The concept was born when the Freitag brothers were working in this district and saw lorries of every colour passing by on the main Zurich-West transport route. They sparked the idea of making bags from lorry tarpaulins. 

An atypical architecture

The Freitag Tower is constructed from a collection of freight containers, transformed into an immense, multi-coloured tower: 17 containers rise 26 metres high. The result is a store with an original industrial atmosphere which reflects the urban identity of the Freitag brand.

This architecture also makes it a visual landmark for the district’s inhabitants: it’s impossible to miss this tall, colourful tower!

A symbol of industrial design

On the inside, display areas for goods and walkways on every floor maintain the original industrial style. Visitors walk on metal staircases and concrete floors, between mesh fencing and graffiti-covered walls.

All these elements serve to create an alternative and urban atmosphere, characteristic of the Freitag identity.


The store offers 1,600 bag designs, spread over four floors.

Freitag bags have a contemporary, colourful look and are all created from recycled material: lorry tarpaulins, bike inner tubes, seat belts or used airbags … as a result each item is absolutely unique.

The bags are stored in perfectly lined-up white boxes spread around the whole store. Each box has the name and a photograph of the model inside.

The minimalist display shelves create an effect of uniformity, contrasting with the unique nature of each model of bag.


The flagship has become a tourist site

At the top of the tower the visitor can see an impressive panorama of West-Zurich. There one can contemplate the former industrial district which has now become a modern hotbed of artistic creation.


The piled-up containers forming the tower have themselves come to represent a creative modern art installation.

As a result, the Freitag Tower is not only used by customers like a classic shop, numerous tourists and local inhabitants also visit the tower to enjoy an experience of the brand which is urban, original and highly memorable.


Practical information

Freitag Tower

Geroldstrasse 17,

8008 Zürich, Switzerland



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