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In Hong Kong, a spa – art gallery

Publié le 13 June 2017

The Right Spot combines two activities which are completely different, and yet complementary: a spa and an art gallery.

In Hong Kong, a spa - art gallery

Located in the very trendy Central quarter of Hong Kong, this spa aims to offer an arty moment of relaxation to businessmen, active women and young students who want to enjoy themselves.

Vivian and her partner, both of whom used to work in finance, are behind the project The Right Spot, and know the needs of their clientele: unwind completely, relax one’s body as well as the mind.

To do so they chose to create a carefully arranged artistic environment in their institute. On the walls there are carefully selected photos of well-known and new artists. The institute is plunged into darkness for greater relaxation, and only the art work is illuminated.

Customers can admire them while getting a foot massage or a pedicure and even buy them after their relaxation session! All the pieces of work on the walls are for sale. There is also a catalogue available on demand.

Several pieces relate to the establishment’s other activity: the spa. For example, ‘Tired feet’, by the artist Stephen King: a close-up of feet tired out by a long walk in high heels…

Another innovation: the spa has found a partner to offer a healthy lunch box to eat before or after a treatment. This is perfect for workers who want to enjoy a relaxing lunch break.


Practical information

The right spot

20 Stanley Street, 5/F

Central, Hong Kong



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