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In Amsterdam, a restaurant for people dining alone

Publié le 23 September 2014

In Amsterdam, Marina van Goor’s Eenmaal restaurant is reserved for meals for one. Far from the idea that meals are the key to a social life, Eenmaal believes that solitude is the key to appreciating good food.

In Amsterdam, a restaurant for people dining alone

One European in three is single according to the Parship study. And apparently the Dutch are the happiest single people in Europe. Rather than moping around at home, single people go out, eat in restaurants and take advantage of their position. Social norms tell us that restaurants are the friendly, social venue par excellence and it can be difficult to enjoy a meal alone in one of Amsterdam’s 2300 restaurants. W To solve this problem, and adapt to current social trends, Marina van Goor launched a new concept: 10 tables and a fixed menu on offer to those people dining alone. From trendy singles to people looking for new experiences, customers are able to cut themselves off from the outside world to really appreciate the art of good cuisine. The food becomes a work of art, an experience which people take in alone. The website Eater has highlighted the innovative character at Eenmaal and recommends it to readers. This concept meets a real need, as American magazine Bon Appetit recently asked food critic Alexander Lobrano the six best places to dine alone in Paris. Eenmaal’s following on social media demonstrates the interest in the concept which has gone viral. Media from around the world has spoken about Eenmaal; their Facebook has more than 3000 likes, and the Twitter account has 500 followers. Practical information: Eenmaal Bos en lommerweg 361 AMSTERDAM 0646355064 http://eenmaal.com/

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