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In Amsterdam (Netherlands), a fishmonger is sharing his recipes on YouTube

Publié le 24 April 2018

Bart Van Olphen, a fishmonger from Amsterdam, has had the ingenious idea of launching a channel for recipes on YouTube – which has helped his business to flourish.  

In Amsterdam (Netherlands), a fishmonger is sharing his recipes on YouTube

Every Friday, the new YouTuber reveals original, appealing recipes, which can tempt even the most reticent customers into buying his fish.

The fishmonger has started a new tradition, ‘Fishy Friday’, as he explains in his presentation video.

In this fun, humorous video, Bart Van Olphen explains his intention to travel and bring back various recipes, each more appetizing than the last, from his explorations.


Bart Von Olphen starts from the assumption that lots of people do not have the confidence to buy fish because they do not know how to cook it.

What an error, he insists! Cooking fish and seafood is fun and easy, and he works hard to demonstrate exactly that each week, through innovative or classic recipes.

Whether it is homemade fish and chips, a mullet carpaccio or salmon cakes, cooking with him is done in front of grand landscapes and in a friendly atmosphere.

In about six minutes, Bart Van Olphen explores a new region of the globe and offers a typical recipe from the area. Destinations vary from Berlin to Exmouth in Australia or even Nusfjord in Norway. What they have in common: original, delicious recipes which are easy to make at home.

These weekly posts have been very popular and the fishmonger now publishes an online magazine called ‘Fish Tales’ as well as a blog where he shares his experiences.


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