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In Austin, a Japanese restaurant has created a virtual loyalty card with a fun and visual points scale

Publié le 10 June 2014

In Texas, the Japanese restaurant Mama Fu’s has invented a virtual loyalty card called the “Funatics”, where its features facilitate transactions and consumer communication.

In Austin, a Japanese restaurant has created a virtual loyalty card with a fun and visual points scale

Thanks to this virtual loyalty card, which comes in the form of a smartphone app, the user can see how many points they have accumulated on a colourful scale on which the points add up bit by bit. The number of points needed to reach the next discount is also shown, and the user can share his or her score on social networking sites.

Once the next level has been reached, the user can cash in their discounts using their smartphone: by the click of a button, the discount is automatically added to the next bill, which is also paid via the smartphone app.

The Japanese restaurant’s marketing director, Gary Bahl, explained to Mobile Commerce Daily that the creation of this virtual loyalty card was necessary to adapt to new trends in consumerism. It has now completely replaced all paper-based communication as of 2014. Mr Bahl said, “Amongst our 25 000 loyalty card holders, the majority of them are young working adults or busy parents, for whom the smartphone is an indispensable time-saving tool. By creating a tool which is adapted to their needs, we are encouraging our customers to engage with our brand content – via our restaurant smartphone app, they are able to discover new things in our restaurants and special offers we have on. They can also interact with us via social networking sites.”

Practical information:

Mama Fu’s,

512 E Riverside Dr #250, Austin, Texas

Tel: +1 512 949 3220

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