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In Berlin, a community garden full of activities

Publié le 9 October 2014

Prinzessinnengarten is a community garden in the heart of Berlin which organises a number of different activities. From harvest sales to giving agricultural advice, there is also a restaurant that sells food from the garden itself, or from other local producers.

In Berlin, a community garden full of activities

In Berlin, 40% of the city is made up of a green spaces, huge forests and lakes. The German capital really is the green capital of Europe.

Robert Shaw and Marco Clausen have been renovating this abandoned site in Moritzplatz for nearly half a century. Friends, activists and neighbours have cleared and then planted organic fruit and vegetables on plots of land. This community garden tops off the culture and sale of its products with workshops and events at the cafe-restaurant. On the garden’s website, you can check out the schedule of workshops and visits to the garden. When it comes to both construction and maintenance, the members of Prinzessinnengarten teach visitors to grow their products naturally and autonomously. Adults and children are taught about environmental issues. The garden is working with an increasingly green city, particularly through the campaign “Wachsen lassen” and it also supports an educational programme via this petition. This interactive venue makes the visitors part of the development of the “gardens in the city” movement and teaches them about the Slow Food movement, as is explained in this review on Stil In Berlin. The dynamism and interactive nature of the garden has created a real community, as is shown by these pictures on flickr. Based on the idea of sharing, this garden is based on strong values: healthy eating, sustainable development and a green city for everyone.


There are weekly updates on the garden’s blog and that of the cafe-restaurant which have brought the garden into the digital age. Prinzessinnengarten teaches readers and highlights food-based events. Some international newspapers such as Metro Canada, local papers like Berliner Zeitung, or national papers like Die Welt, support Nomadisch Grün’s initiative. Their Facebook page has nearly 10,000 likes which allows it to share links to articles about GM foods or similar initiatives in other cities like Hamburg. The Twitter account has nearly 1,200 followers. Here you’ll find photos, events and articles designed to inform, teach or just enjoy.

Practical information:
Prinzenstrasse 35 – 38
U8 Moritzplatz Berlin

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