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In Birmingham, a vintage store starts charity work

Publié le 7 July 2015

In Birmingham, vintage store More Than Vintage gives all its profit to local charities.

In Birmingham, a vintage store starts charity work

More Than Vintage displays all the features of a classic retro store: it’s located in the heart of Birmingham and offers a selection of clothes and furniture ranging from the sixties to the nineties. And yet the brand has recently started to get involved in charity work by giving all its profit to local homeless charities. It’s a way of getting the name of the brand out there and helps them stand out from the competition.

The store benefits from young people’s interest in vintage fashion and rides the wave of popularity to help those in need. They have followed the model of non-profit organisations, share their profits between Sifa Fireside and Trident Reach, two charities who offer precious help to homeless people in Birmingham. They have announced the policy on their website: the profits are systematically reinvested to help those in need.image003

If  the brand hasn’t increased their profits, the move has increased their popularity. The generosity is contagious, and they receive a lot of donations which are restored and sold in-store. Their commitment to charities also helps anchor them in the area while creating an image of a responsible and united brand.

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Unit 3 Great Western Arcade
Birmingham, United Kingdom

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