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In Bogota, a restaurant is rethinking its delivery service

Publié le 2 February 2016

With the development of takeaway meals, restaurants have been forced to move with the times. A Colombian restaurant has therefore introduced some simple innovations to help it stand out.

In Bogota, a restaurant is rethinking its delivery service

When customers look for takeaway food, they are often confronted with impersonal menus. Without a direct link to their customer, restaurants have to find another method to avoid the choice coming down solely to the price.

Di Lucca, a famous Italian restaurant that set up business in Bogota 25 years ago, has therefore designed its website to ease takeaway orders. The front page displays recommendations with prices and the chance to see the dishes. It’s also possible to work through the menu for a greater choice.

bogata 2

Once the order has been taken and delivered, it is often difficult for customers to know exactly what is in each bag.

This is where the restaurant has innovated. The owner of Di Lucca has introduced a personalised labelling system. Items are labelled so you can tell instantly what is inside. The restaurant has a label per type of dish (pasta, soup…). Then, with the right label selected, the chef only needs to tick exactly what’s in the dish. bogata 3

The innovation is simple but effective and allows the restaurant to greatly improve their customer relationships. Simply by adding a label the whole experience becomes much smoother and keeps people coming back to their business.






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Di Lucca – to go
Cl. 120a #6-12,
Bogotá, Cundinamarca


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