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In Bombay, a hotel puts Indian art and customs on show to its clients

Publié le 10 June 2014

The luxury Indian hotel Le Sutra, which has proclaimed itself “the first Indian art hotel”, has decided to educate visitors on Indian art and culture.

In Bombay, a hotel puts Indian art and customs on show to its clients

The hotel’s three floors represent the 3 gunas of Hinduism. The first floor represents obscurity, the second passion and the third generosity. These stages of the progression of the soul are shown by the colours of the walls and the different styles of decoration, all of which create a powerful impact.

Each room represents a recurring local content theme in Indian culture and is thus unique – when reserving a place to stay at this culture hotel, guests must choose their room by name. Powerful works by contemporary Indian painters and sculptors are exhibited, accompanied by an informative label in multiple languages which decrypts the principal symbols contained within the work. The hotel staff is also able to answer any questions guests may have about the Indian hotel’s artworks.

A 250 m² art gallery on the top floor of the hotel, allows interested customers to plunge deeper into the depths of Indian culture. Besides exhibitions, numerous cultural events are also organised, such as readings, conferences and cultural dinners. This is art tourism and powerful marketing at its finest.

Practical information:

The Sutra,

14 Union Park, Road Number 4, Khar West, Bombay, Maharashtra 400052

Tel : +91 22 2649 2995

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