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In Bordeaux, a bar with an artificial wave machine is delighting surfers

Publié le 29 September 2015

How can you surf or body board when you don’t live near the sea? In Bordeaux they have found the solution, installing a 250 metre-long artificial wave pool  in a bar.

In Bordeaux, a bar with an artificial wave machine is delighting surfers

The Wave Surf Cafe opened its doors in June 2015. Funded partly through crowdfunding, this local business is located in an old warehouse that is 500 m2 in the heart of Bordeaux. It highlights an altogether surprising innovation: indoor surfing.

It’s the 250m artificial wave pool that attracts customers. It allows them to body board and surf in water that ranges from 22° to 24°. The installation is open to all types of customers. While veteran surfers can come and train with their own gear, the bar also offers initiation lessons both in groups and for individuals.


There is a large choice of drinks and food served in the restaurant area, from which the customers can admire the surfers.

The setting fits well with his naval universe, thanks to a very careful aesthetic that is inspired by the ocean. Customers surf under a bay window which lets in natural light. The décor includes surfboards, photos of waves and even some palm trees.


But the Wave Surf Café aims to be more than just a place to be entertained. They are actively involved in the local community and organize events on prevention and raising awareness of pollution in the oceans, in partnership with local schools and leisure centres.


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Wave Surf Café,
174 Cours du Médoc
33000 Bordeaux


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