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In Bordeaux, a gym built around its customers

Publié le 28 October 2014

A gym you can go to day or night. That’s what Freeness, a chain of gyms, is offering in the south west of France.

In Bordeaux, a gym built around its customers

There are more than 6,000 gyms in France and more than 15 million people who attend them for fitness, bodybuilding or just general training. According to a study by IRDS, 44% of French people spend at least five hours a week on fitness of some sort. With reduced working hours, and an increased awareness of the importance of healthy living, this number is rising.

Continuous access to the gym is something customers want: it offers them flexibility and freedom which are vital for those who love sport. 79% of French people play sport each week, with 49% in clubs and 59% at the weekends. Gyms are at their busiest on Mondays, with a stable attendance for the rest of the week while there are fewer people at weekends. Freeness gives everyone the chance to do sport when they want and how they want.


This luxury gym is not expensive and is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week thanks to a member’s badge, costing €29.90 a month. The system means that the gym can adapt to its customers’ timetables. With extended opening hours, the gym is not as busy and offers a more careful, personalised service. There are gym classes, circuits, cardio, bodybuilding, coaching, zumba, step, salsa, spinning and other classes in the nine Freeness rooms. The top of the range service also includes internet access, a smoothie bar and individual showers.

The chain offers two types of gym: gyms in the suburbs, which are easy-to-access with car parks, and gyms in the city centre which are smaller. The first sort have between 2,000 and 3,000 members per club, with a turnover between €600,000 and €800,000. The second have about 1,000 members with a turnover of €400,000.

Customers can access all the daily updates on the company’s Facebook page.

With their extended opening hours, Freeness put an end to overcrowded gyms and fit in with customers and their new lifestyles.

Practical information:
Freeness Bordeaux,
Zac Alfred Daney, Rue Francis Garnier,
33 300 Bordeaux Lac,
Tél :

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