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In Brussels, hotel customers choose their room according to the artist who decorated it

Publié le 11 September 2014

Whilst redecorating, Hotel Bloom asked 287 young European artists to paint bedroom walls with their interpretation of the word ‘Bloom’.

In Brussels, hotel customers choose their room according to the artist who decorated it

Brussels boasts more than 200 hotels and nearly 5 million visitors every year. Of these visitors, 80 % percent come from abroad (primarily France, Germany and England). While the rate of visitors staying in hotels is stable (71% according to the tourism observatory), competition is fierce.

Hotel Bloom offers an unforgettable experience focused on art and creation. During renovation in 2007, the hotel invited talented young artists from European art institutions to come and create. Every room has the same decor and colour; only the room’s interior varies, as well as the decorative frescos.

This innovative project makes every room into a unique piece of art. Clients can choose a room type – single, double – and uncover the fresco they have been allocated on arrival. Customers can ask for specific rooms or frescos. For example, room 208 was decorated by Debbie Thamara De Leau. Thanks to an iPhone and iPad app, it’s possible to see all the frescos, which are also available on the hotel’s site and blog.

This is more than just a hotel, Bloom is a meeting place. Situated near the botanical gardens and the Palais des Beaux-Arts, the hotel is dedicated to showing off contemporary European art. It is also at the heart of a number of other cultural events, given that once a week Hotel Bloom offers free entry to the Botanique and reductions on concert tickets.

TripAdvisor has rewarded Bloom’s innovative approach with a 2014 certificate of excellence and an average score of 4 out of 5 on nearly 1800 reviews. With accessible prices ranging from €80-150 a night, the hotel has become popular on social media with more than 5000 Facebook likes and 1000 Twitter followers. English artist Hazel Watling owes her fame to her Hotel Bloom fresco. The hotel is on its way to becoming a centre for the European art community, with two art galleries in the hotel itself, and a number of exhibitions on the blog.

Practical information:
Hotel Bloom !
Rue Royale 250
1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode

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