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In Chambéry, a door to door ski repair man

Publié le 30 September 2014

Skier Laurent Truchet, 34, travels around the centre of town on his bike and cart. He goes to people’s homes, collecting skis for repair (waxing, sharpening, small repairs), and then drops them off again. Collection and delivery is free.

In Chambéry, a door to door ski repair man

Last winter 10 million French people stayed in ski resorts in France, 75% of them in the Alps. In total 450000 pairs of skis are sold every year. There has been no drop in the numbers of people practising winter sports, and the same is true when it comes to the numbers who need ski maintenance and repair. Chambéry Ski Service was launched in January 2014. Founder Laurent Truchet has just ten years experience in ski repair work. Mad about skiing, he travels around Chambéry and the surrounding area (Bassens, Barberaz, St Alban, Bissy, Cognin) collecting skis from his customers’ homes. His service means not having to go the major stores (such as Décathlon), and for the same price, he’ll repair with a personal, high-quality, home service touch. Prices range from €8 for a basic wax, to €35 for filling, sharpening and waxing, the work is accurate, bespoke, and done by hand. Chambéry Ski Service has ten or so customers per week: with an appointment system that means equipment can be repaired in 24 hours and either picked up from the workshop or delivered to the customer’s home. This eco transport system offers a close customer relationship, which is much appreciated at ski stations. The result is customer satisfaction as shown by comments such as those by François, 61, who was pleased to get his Nordic skis back in ‘perfect condition’. The company’s website gives lots of information on how the repair works and the cost. Local media such as the Dauphiné have publicised the service. The company has also used digital communication to allow customers to understand the machinery used in the maintenance and repair process. The company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts are used to stay in touch with customers and allows them to ask Laurent Truchet questions. image033 Practical Information: Laurent Truchet 74, faubourg Montmélian 73000 Chambéry chamberyskiservice@laposte.net https://twitter.com/chambskiservice 07 60 52 33 90

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