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In Chicago, a laundromat is promotes get-togethers between neighbours

Publié le 9 June 2015

In Chicago, the world’s largest laundromat has become a meeting place. Customers do not just go to wash their clothes, but also to meet their neighbours.

In Chicago, a laundromat is promotes get-togethers between neighbours

In Chicago, The World’s largest Laundromat has become a meeting place which goes way beyond its basic function. In addition to the 310 washing machines, there are now restaurants, children’s play areas and even free pizza for customers. Going there is no longer a chore, instead it’s a social occasion.

The laundromat has managed to introduce a friendly atmosphere in addition to its principal activity. Without losing its USP (it is still the world’s largest laundromat), The World’s largest Laundromat also attracts passers-by looking for a place to exchange and meet people. The fact that the majority of extra services are free encourages the locals to come, and of course creates a genuine area of social diversity in the heart of the city.


As a result, the amount of customers is significant and has not diminished at all. The laundromat is open every day of the year including Christmas and Thanksgiving. By offering a more complete space, rather than just a service, it has helped build links in the community and become a meeting place.

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