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In Illzach, a car wash is redefining the concept of cleaning

Publié le 4 August 2015

In Illzach, a car wash is offering an original experience: washing your car in a zen, family environment.

In Illzach, a car wash is redefining the concept of cleaning

In Alsace, washing your car is no longer a chore, when it’s carried out at the Illzach car wash. By joining the eco-friendly movement, it uses 90 percent recycled water and offers a gentler, more respectful consumption with regards to both the environment and to customers. It carries on this trend by offering a zen atmosphere and environment, which contrasts with the usual norms in the world of cars. The emphasis is placed on well-being in all its forms: for both the planet and for users.

The centre prioritises well-being over speed, which leads to greater attention to detail and a better customer experience. For example, the centre is planning to open up a play area for children and a zen corner for their parents. The priority is clearly on the quality of the welcome and customers collect their cars having enjoyed a pleasant moment with all the family.


While the choice of car wash is usually done based on geography or by default, the centre in Illzach has focused on seducing the customer. To do that, they have focused on original concepts. Whether is the introduction of happy hours, a presentation video that looks like a film trailer… or the promotion of an eco-friendly system, the objective is always to move away from the image of a traditional car wash tunnel while focusing on current issues. A car wash is no longer a chore, but an enjoyable experience that earns repeat custom in what is usually an unpredictable sector.

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13 avenue de Belgique
68110 Illzach

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