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In Le Mans, a hair salon offers training courses to its clients

Publié le 10 June 2014

Going further than just the standard cut and colour package, the Nikita hair salon offers a hair styling training service, enabling their clients to do their own hair every day like pros.

In Le Mans, a hair salon offers training courses to its clients

Christina, the hairstylist behind this innovative concept, says “I was fed up of hearing my clients say ‘I love how I look when I leave your salon, but as soon as I style my hair at home, it’s just not the same’”. She therefore decided to pass on these pro tips and skills to her clients so that they could create the look they want at home. How should you use a hairdryer? Which attachment should you choose? How can you get more volume? Throughout, the hairstylist questions, observes, corrects, and explains.

One of these private lessons lasts for one hour and costs 15 euros. The hairstyle training service offers an appealing practical aspect, with clients following Christina’s instructions and handling the hairdryers and brushes themselves in order to get the hang of it.

This hour-long exchange and hairstyle training service creates a more friendly relationship between stylist and client.

And these clients are simply delighted with the stylist’s generous offering of all these “trade secrets”, proving that passing on a little expertise is a great way to create a loyal client base and promote your business.

Practical information
Salon Nikita
16 rue Robert Triger
72000 Le Mans

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