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In London, a bike shop becomes a piece of art and design

Publié le 2 April 2015

In London, the Kinoko Custom Cycles Store uses the fashion norms to show off its products: bikes that are customised to the customers’ tastes.

In London, a bike shop becomes a piece of art and design

Kinoko Custom Cycles is a bike shop located in the heart of London, in the district of Soho. Popular with Londoners, the brand specialises in the sale of personalised bikes and offers customers the chance to create their own unique bike. The focus is on the quality of the materials and the customisation service. This includes not just the measurements, but also the aesthetic value of the bike.


Recently, Kinoko Custom Cycles decided to match the shop’s decor with the quality of bikes on offer. Far removed from the atmosphere of a gym or the workshop feel of traditional bike shops, this store uses sleek styles and aims for elegance. The bikes here are presented as if they were in a museum. Exhibited in front of a white background, they draw customers eyes who see more than just a technical object, they see a piece of art. The accessories are presented under glass jars and shown off like parts of the collection.


This focus on design and elegance allows Kinoko Custom Cycles to draw attention to the quality of the articles it sells. Buying a bike becomes a real aesthetic experience, and the brand has managed to separate itself from the very technical, and often, unappealing, appearance of classic bike shops.

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Kinoko  Custom Cycles
Conlan St
London W10 5AP
United Kingdom

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