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In London, a florist offers bouquets with a hidden message

Publié le 18 September 2014

Starting from the principal that there is a message behind every bouquet of flowers, and that they always mean something, one florist has decided to turn his bouquets into genuine messages. While it’s easy to tell that a single red rose means ‘I love you’, it’s a lot harder to decipher that a bouquet with two lilies and a chrysanthemum means ‘I can wait’.

In London, a florist offers bouquets with a hidden message

There are more than 1000 florists in London (Yelp).To cope with competition, Cryptofloricon offers an innovative new concept.

Cryptofloricon is revisting an art form that dates back to 1785: bouquets of flowers with cryptic messages. The company only delivers in London for now, but plans to expand to several other cities around the world.

To encrypt or decipher a message, all you need to do is go to the company’s website.

From there you are offered a floral composition which matches the meaning of the chosen message. Five types of flowers are available to make up the bouquet. The site even offers advice to florists who want to use the concept to make up their bouquets.

Since its launch, different English sites like BoingBoing, local London websites, like TheLondonSinner, and blogs like MissCakehead have publicised the concept. This idea is a real innovation which has also received support from technology website Wired.co.uk.

The company’s Facebook page has nearly 400 likes in just six months. There you can decipher the messages. There is a gallery on dropbox which allows you to check out more pictures of this atypical florist.

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http://www.cryptofloricon.com/index.html contact@cryptofloricon.com

Helena Rea / 07960094664

Edward Saperia / 07796955572

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