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In London, a store turns its aisles digital

Publié le 16 October 2014

In Argos, London, the lack of aisles is in stark contrast with the wide range of products sold by the brand. Thanks to a specific app, iPads allow customers to choose the item they want which is then delivered to the store or customer’s home.

In London, a store turns its aisles digital

In 2013, 33% of consumers had already used some form of multimedia product to help them shop: that’s according to a study by ConnectedCommerce which investigated 12 different countries, including the UK. The digitalisation of shops is creating new shopping practices, with Argos in Shoreditch leading the way.


The Argos store, located on Whitechapel Road, gives its customers a completely new shopping experience: instead of aisles, there are screens and iPads to help consumers access the many products available. From electrical goods to children’s toys, via garden supplies, jewellery and sports products, Argos is one of the biggest distributors in the UK. The company has 737 shops and more than 340 million visitors on their website every year. The Whitechapel Road store is the first to go completely digital. The company’s digital director, Bertrand Bodson, has managed to reduce till waiting times to just 60 seconds thanks to NFC technology and the iBeacons app, as reported by Marketing Magazine. An item can be taken home immediately if in stock. If not, it will be delivered to the customer’s home. This system makes it possible to sell a large quantity of products while reducing the costs of storage and the amount of shop space needed. Shop assistants are more available and can therefore spend more time with the customer.

At the forefront of digital sales, Argos uses social media to extend the customer experience. With their YouTube channel, new products are advertised through promotional videos or tutorials. The company’s Facebook page has 93,114 likes and 67,453 visits, with daily updates on products and special offers. There are 920,000 active followers of the company’s Twitter account. And to top off their presence on the net, nearly 4 million people have checked out their Google + page.

Thanks to the touch screen experience, which is reinventing consumer trends nowadays, sales are innovating and combining with mobile commerce to create a new approach to in-store shopping.

Practical information:
45 Whitechapel Rd
London E1 1DU

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