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In London, Burberry creates a digital experience for its customers

Publié le 2 October 2014

At Burberry, London, sales assistants are equipped with an iPad. They can instantly find out which products are in stock or in other nearby stores. Customers can also pay for their items on the spot thanks to the ipad/assistant service.

In London, Burberry creates a digital experience for its customers

In 2013, the Burberry group enjoyed a 17% increase in profits. As a direct result, the brand decided to innovate with a digital store on Regent Street.

The Burberry store sales assistants are armed with an iPad. The main function of these tablets is to help check on available stock without leaving the customer. When items are not available, sales assistants can order them directly from their terminal. But this gadget also offers an exclusive interface. As well as access to the customer’s shopping history and preferences, sales assistants can connect to other interactive content, such as which make-up will suit a product, cross-selling possibilities or even Art of the Trench, designed to offer different ways of wearing and matching your trench coat. RFID microchips on the items link the customers to products that are placed in front of interactive mirrors. It’s also possible to pay directly from the terminal.


The shop’s four floors demonstrate Burberry’s hunger for the digital age. The customer experience is connected and mobile, but the sales assistant remains central to the sales dynamic. The Burberry experience, which is accessible on a range of different media, never changes. Christopher Bailey, Chief Creative Officer at Burberry, has called on the brightest minds in the UK to pull off this technological masterpiece (source: Influencia). Trend sites such as Vogue UK and Time Out have praised the digital concept store. The Regent Street shop has also played a major part in the brand’s social network coverage: with its 3 million Twitter followers, 17 million Facebook fans and 1.7 million Instagram followers.

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