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In Los Angeles, an organic fast food outlet is promoting local food

Publié le 16 June 2015

In Los Angeles, an organic fast food outlet is now offering local producers a loyalty card when they sell their vegetables. They can then get discounts when they eat in-store.

In Los Angeles, an organic fast food outlet is promoting local food

In Los Angeles, organic fast food outlet Forage has decided to team up with local producers. When they sell vegetables to the company, the producers earn credit on an account which allows them to buy meals from the fast food restaurant. They also increase their visibility thanks to the company’s blog, which presents the products on sale and those who produce them.

Forage is therefore committed both in terms of organic and local food. The brand has created a circular and profitable system which integrates its producers. The initiative benefits everyone: the producers can consume their own products, customers know they are eating organic, local food and the brand boosts its image. Its motto ‘Local is my back yard’ is a nod to the term ‘Nimby’ or ‘Not In My Backyard’ aimed at people who avoid areas close to new technologies (factories, electrical lines, windmills…).


By respecting its customers and the environment, Forage scores extremely well on Yelp and Google. It has focused on the origins of the products, showcased by the producers themselves. This circular system increases the trust of the producers, who are more than just interchangeable suppliers.

Practical information

3823 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles
CA 90026-1529

Facebook ForageLA

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