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In Lyon, a second-hand grocery store fights against waste

Publié le 11 February 2016

  In the context of ecological development a local grocery store ‘La Fourmi’ gives a second life to branded goods that have been discarded by big companies.  

In Lyon, a second-hand grocery store fights against waste

La Fourmi opened in Lyon in the Croix Rousse district. Its owner, 35-year-old Pierre Christen, left the distribution sector that he had been working in for ten years to build his own eco-friendly business.

The concept is aimed at those people in Lyon who want to buy differently: he sells, at competitive prices, products that have been rejected by classic brands due to their packaging (slightly damaged, printing errors etc.), sell-by dates or the brand going out of business.

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In this ‘food attic’ you can find mainly dry products: drinks, cakes, tinned goods, cleaning or hygiene products… But also a small range of fresh goods and some seasonal offers: Beaujolais Nouveau in November, champagne and frozen Christmas logs for the end of year holidays etc.

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The shop has enjoyed some success, with a wide-ranging clientele, but also with suppliers. For them it represents a useful outlet rather than having to throw out their products.

La Fourmi stands out from most outlet stores in the suburbs because of its size, its atmosphere as a local shop and its location in the centre of town which makes it more accessible. It also has key support on social media with more than 2,200 likes on Facebook, and Pierre Christen hopes to break even with his economic model sooner rather than later.

Practical information

La Fourmi
8 rue Terme
69001 Lyon
09 81 33 84 58 



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