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In Lyon, an estate agent is remodeling the properties it sells

Publié le 8 September 2015

In Lyon, Bumper Transactions agency is refurnishing the properties on sale in a sleek design to make them stand out to customers.

In Lyon, an estate agent is remodeling the properties it sells

Bumper Transactions, located in the sixth arrondissement in Lyon, shows off its properties in a very unique fashion: it refurnishes them in very fashionable style. The watchword is fulfilling the client’s dreams. Rather than offering them a property which, while it is adaptable, is very natural if not a little run-down, they help the customer to project. Instead of being discouraged by the amount of work that needs doing, the customer will come away seduced by the modern, sleek atmosphere.

This very effective method continues on the company’s website: rather than showing a technical breakdown of the properties available, it presents them as if it were a blog. Accompanied by sumptuous photos of the renovated properties, the website uses the methods of high-end travel agencies rather than traditional estate agents.


By abandoning the objective and almost administrative take of standard agencies, to present a more poetic, aesthetic view of its products, the company has a luxury, stand-out image in a market that is generally anonymous. By presenting refurnishing properties, it also has a more loyal image, paradoxically, showing what the properties can become and helping customers project into the future with a privileged relationship that is founded on trust and complicity. The agency has been able to create its own universe and has even started to expand, selling furniture and accessories in its e-shop.

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63 – 65 rue de Créqui
69006 Lyon

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