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In Lyon, an optician offers a customised service using digital technology

Publié le 10 September 2015

In Lyon, the opticians Nagabbo offer a service which is focused on the customisation of the products with the entire shop now digital.

In Lyon, an optician offers a customised service using digital technology

Located in Lyon’s second arrondissement, Nagabbo has modernised the job of an optician by offering customers services which inn line with current trends. Instead of settling for basic customer service, Nagabbo offers its customers preliminary, personal and custom expertise.

Nagabbo has focused on a luxury clientele. Their models are carefully chosen as are their exclusive collections, and customers who cannot find glasses to fit their noses can send images to prepare the moulding process. An extra advantage is that a virtual visit of the store is integrated onto the website in order to give potential customers a chance to check out the shop and style of the optician.


The brand has developed a customer relationship of the future, focused on custom service and new technology. It accompanies its customers from before they even enter the store right through the process. It has adapted to current trends but stands out from other opticians in their more traditional locales. Their success online is a testament to the quality of service, as is demonstrated by the number of likes and positive reviews on Google. But Nagabbo is not resting on its laurels: it takes care of its reputation by being very active on social media.

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13 Rue Émile Zola
69002 Lyon

Facebook Nagabbo Opticiens
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