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In Marseille, a mechanic has started a blog offering advice online

Publié le 12 November 2015

Faced with the competition of big car companies, a garage in Marseille has started a blog giving advice and support to develop a relationship with customers.

In Marseille, a mechanic has started a blog offering advice online

This real innovation in the sector comes from the Marseille garage Méca Passion Service, which has developed its customer service by offering online advice in addition to traditional repair services.

From fans of mechanics, to regular customers, everyone can visit the garage’s blog, where maintenance, repair and diagnosis advice is regularly published: what is the purpose of a transmission belt? When and how can you change it? What is a cylinder head gasket? What is its role and how can you spot when it’s broken… all these subjects are covered for experts and newbies.

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The most recent articles on the blog are published both on the website and on the garage’s Facebook page. The garage uses its presence on social media to build a long-term relationship with its customers, going further than just helping in emergencies, and it is also proves to be a testimony of their professionalism.

Méca Passion Service has also developed extra proximity to customers by offering its services at home. Customers can therefore have their vehicles repaired at home, and can have them looked after while they are at work.


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Méca Passion Service
Passage du Docteur Léon Perrin
13003 Marseille


The garage’s website
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