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In Montreuil, a charitable bakery is helping the less fortunate

Publié le 19 January 2016

A charitable bakery has come up with an original payment concept which allows it to help those in need while increasing profits.

In Montreuil, a charitable bakery is helping the less fortunate

La Conquête du Pain is a bakery that opened its doors in Montreuil in 2010. Its name comes from a book by Peter Kropotkin, one of the founders of anarchist communism who theorised about an economy based on mutual aid and self-management.

Here, there is no boss. Everything (opening hours, wages, recipes…) is decided during weekly general meetings.

The bakery has also introduced a ‘suspended bread’ system: a customer buys two loaves of bread. They choose to ‘suspend’ one. The suspended bread is then put in a basket in the centre of the bakery. Anyone who needs to can serve themselves for free. The system also works with pastries and viennoiseries.

in monteiul

Far from being simply an act of generosity, the initiative is also profitable for the business. It allows the business to increase profits because a number of customers are attracted by this social act and buy more than they need. It also helps contribute to a social, responsible image for the bakery which stands out from the competition.

In five years the bakery has gone from two to ten employees. Nobody takes advantage of the system and at times the ‘suspended basket’ isn’t empty at the end of the day. In this case, the bread is given to charity. 

Practical information 

La conquête du Pain
47 rue de la Beaune
93100 Montreuil

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