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In Moscow, a bank encourages its customers to play sport

Publié le 9 September 2014

Russian bank Alfa Bank called upon 42 Agency to launch its new service ‘Activity’. The bank collects data from its clients connected objects and measures their interest rates accordingly, giving the best rates to those who exercise the most.  

In Moscow, a bank encourages its customers to play sport

When it comes to mobile technology, Russia is on top. The switch from traditional mobiles to smartphones was a quick one. In 2013, 63% of telephones bought were smartphones. Russians dedicate 12.8 hours a day (the highest figure in the world) to social networks and connected objects have become the latest craze.

Brands have got the message: “The more you move, the more you earn”. This is what Lucas Zaiden, artistic director at 42 Agency, has promised with their new Alfa Bank’s service, ‘Activity’. The service works as a high interest savings account for each subscriber. The customer creates an account and links to it the gadgets he uses whilst playing sport. The more sport he does, the higher the account’s ceiling. Those who do less sport can only put a few hundred Euros in, those who do more can place several thousand. By doing sport, you have the opportunity of opening an account with an interest rate of 6%.

Alfa Bank 2

The concept obviously works, with Alfa Bank customers twice as active, and saving twice as much as other customers. Alfa Bank is known for its dynamism and innovation. ‘Activity’ is proof of this. Being ‘wealthy and healthy’ is possible. Part of the connected object trend, this service offers real benefits beyond the financial aspects. Alfa Bank targets important segments such as the 30-40 age group, young active women, etc. With an impact on people’s everyday life, as well as their bank account, Alfa Bank has become a major part of people’s lives.

‘Activity’ doesn’t feature on Alfa Bank’s website but is already present on social networks: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and a number of sites: sports, business. Innovative, sporty, and committed, the service has caused a stir. It uses mobile technology for people’s well-being, both physical and financial. With 23% of the Russian adult population overweight, Alfa Bank has managed to combine economic and personal interests.


Practical information:

Alfa Bank

27 Kalanchevskaya Street

Moscow 107078

Russian Federation

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