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In New York, a patisserie uses the internet to improve its customers’ shopping experience

Publié le 7 April 2015

In New York, the Mille-feuille patisserie gives its customers the chance to order products online. In-store collection, choice of size and flavours: everything is done on a sleek, elegant platform.  

In New York, a patisserie uses the internet to improve its customers’ shopping experience

The Mille-feuille Bakery, located in the heart of Greenwich Village in New York, defines itself as an authentic French patisserie. It offers a comprehensive online sales service which differentiates it from other brands. Customers can order all the bakery’s products and the quantity and flavour they want, on the company’s website. They then collect their products in-store and can pick up a few extras while they’re there.

The site has gone for a subtle, elegant look: products are presented on a white background, and the visitor can zoom in to appreciate the details and texture. One section is also dedicated to the history of patisseries and the quality required by the chef.

Finally, the site also acts as a connected interface. The patisserie is visible on social media and invites customers to sign up to a newsletter. By requiring customers to come in-store to collect their orders, the Mille-feuille Bakery has made digital not only a new shop window, but also a new way of increasing in-store client numbers.

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United States
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